About Starlight: She is a 32 foot Aloha 32 built in Toronto in 1983. Designed to sail from Vancouver to Hawaii making her more than adequate for Sailing in the near coastal waters area around Victoria BC. There is room for 5 to sleep but more comfortable with three or four. Onboard is a new model Raymarine Chart Plotter and Standard Horizon VHF radio with AIS receiver. There is a full kitchen with running cold water, a propane stove/oven and a small barbecue outside.  The Head (bathroom) also has running cold water and a composting toilet.

The Skipper: Gord Fulcher retired early to pursue his dream of introducing sailing to those who want to learn, in particular the basics of cruising in keel boats. Before retiring he started The Sooke Sailing Association, with his wife Lis Johansen and a friend Robert Chouinard, to introduce kids safely to sailing and the ocean. The three of them were sailing a lot in Sooke, the perfect place for it, and found there was no one else out there. Starting with a youth sailing program seemed to be the thing to do. Including the 2019 season Sooke Sailing has introduced over 500 kids to sailing and have nurtured some into becoming coaches and assistants. Now, there are many people in the Community of Sooke that work together to keep the kids learning and safe on the water. There is even The Sooke Sailing Co-op for adults and families to share a keelboat and learn the joys (and challenges) of boat ownership.

Gord was the President and founding member of The Sooke Sailing Association and now devotes his time to Starlight Sailing Adventures and the Sea Cadets in Sooke.


Starlight from Carl 1
Gord Fulcher, Head Instructor, certified Sail Canada instructor

Gord Fulcher

Skipper, Instructor


Sail Canada, Basic Cruising Standard Instructor

VHF Marine Radio Instructor (ROC-M(DSC))

Pleasure Craft Operators Card Examiner (PCOC)

First Aid


Navy League and Sea Cadets, Sooke Branch Sailing Director

Sooke Sailing Association

Sooke Sailing Co-op

Sail Canada

BC Sailing

Bluewater Cruising

Canadian Power and Sail Squadron


Starlight from Whiffen Spit

Photo by Carl Chambers


About Prime Time: She is a Catalina 27 (26.83ft), one of the most successful and popular boats ever made. She is hull # 3109 of a production run of 6662 and constructed in 1977, I am the third owner and she was very much loved by her previous owners before me. The Catalina 27 is often described as ‘everyone first boat’, praising it as an affordable versatile boat with easy handling and good accommodations for its size, while implying that everyone eventually grows into something bigger. She is a great all rounder and is an excellent boat for learning, having no particular faults, just at the expense of not excelling at anything either. In short she is balanced, affordable,easy to sail and easy to find. The Catalina has been mentioned many times in various books as a budget go anywhere boat, with some circumnatiations to its credit to boot! Primetime has a 9.9hp Yamaha board, allowing some maneuvering advantages at moving under power. A furling 130% Genoa head sail allowing fine sail trimming and easier solo sailing. I have rigged Prime Time to be comfortable to sail solo with every control in the cockpit, and she is even easier when not solo. She has a Lowrance 5.1 ti GPS, Standard Horizon VHF radio and a 100 watt solar panel making her independent from the shore for all her electronic needs. She is able to sleep 6, though 3-4 is more preferred.

The Skipper: When not sailing Dallas Duobaitis is a professional visual artist. After finishing his MFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design he toured the North Coast of Scotland for 2 years before returning to Sooke where he grew up. Being raised on the west coast he was on the water in various capacities since a very young age, and never has lived farther than walking distance from the ocean. He has worked professionally in contemporary art galleries as a Technician and gallery Preparator, he is a continuing asset to the setup and organizing of the Sooke Fine Arts Show. He is also currently a director of the Sooke Sailing Association and the maintenance and facilities person for all the equipment. He is passionate about sailing boats solo in adventures around Vancouver Island and working and restoring older boats who still have many years ahead of them. Sorry Ladies he is married to the Sea!

Prime Time where she's happy

Dallas Duobaitis

Skipper, Instructor

Sail Canada’s Basic Cruising Standard instructor.
Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) instructor/examiner
First Aid

Prime Time from Starlight

About Sea Wolf: Sea Wolf is a 26 foot fractional wooden sloop built on the lines of a Nordic Folkboat, designed for the Baltic Sea and known for making numerous ocean passages. First started on north Pender Island in 1978 and finished and launched at Thunderbird boat yard in Vancouver in 1982. Sea wolf is planked with African Mahogany on White Oak ribs, and with 2,200 lbs of cast iron in her full keel taking up just over half the boats total weight, makes for a seaworthy and fun cruising vessel for the Juan de Fuca Strait or Gulf Islands. Equipped with little in the way of electrical, apart from navigation lights, VHF radio and electric bilge pump helps take one back a century or more.

The Skipper: Mitchell Johnson born 1998. after several years of traveling with my parents and the majority of my siblings across Canada, around the U.S. down to Mexico, sailing through the Sea of Cortez, and having always been drawn towards sailing and making model sailboats growing up, I very excitedly bought my first sailboat in 2015 and been sailing regularly since. I’ve found myself drawn to help share the joys and practices of safe sailing and the beauty of British Columbia’s coast’s and wildlife.


Mitchell Johnson

Skipper, Instructor

Sail Canada’s Basic Cruising Standard instructor.
Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) instructor/examiner
First Aid

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