About us: Gord Fulcher retired early from a Technical, Networking position with a large Canadian Cable Company to pursue his dream of introducing sailing to people. In particular the basics of cruising in keel boats. Before retiring he started The Sooke Sailing Association with his wife and a friend Robert Chouinard to introduce kids safely to sailing and the ocean. The three of them were sailing a lot in Sooke, the perfect place for it, and found there was no one else out there. Starting with the kids seemed to be the thing to do. Including the 2018 season they have introduced over 350 kids to sailing and have nurtured some into becoming coaches and assistants. Now there are many people in the Community of Sooke that work together to keep the kids learning and safe on the water. There is even The Sooke Sailing Co-op for Adults and families to share a keelboat and learn the joys (and challenges) of boat ownership.


Gord, finding his strengths were not with the younger kids, hires Instructors for the Youth Program and has spent countless hours working with older youth and adults introducing them to sailing. All the while taking lessons himself to become a Sail Canada Certified Instructor. “There’s nothing like being out on the ocean and having a pod of Orca swim by, breaching and tail slapping as they go”  says Gord. “I love sailing and being on the water, the more the better!”


  • Katie Sailing her boat home to Ucluelet
  • 20190511_191118
  • Madeleine and Bryn passed the course
  • Madeleine and Bryn at the Helm
  • Madeleine taking Basic Cruising Standard
  • Nikki Cook at the Helm
  • 20190517_140105
  • 20190517_135953
  • Katie Sailing her boat home to Ucluelet
  • 20190511_185031
  • Mitchell and Dallas sailing Starlight